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        "After the 2010 world expo economy" booster instrumentation industry development


            The world expo, after 100 days after, finally perfection, and drop the curtain with Shanghai as the center of Yangtze river delta economic belt also enter the world expo economic times. The so-called "after" refers to the world expo 2010 world expo economy after some recessive on economic role in boosting the long tail. For enterprise that, "after 2010 world expo economy" embodied in the world expo ended, continuously to its brand awareness and meiyudu strong pulling power in the long term, thereby promoting the development of company.

             Some economists think the following influence, Shanghai world expo will keep 10 ~ 15 years and years of Yangtze river delta industrial development significant guiding role in the development of relevant industries, produced a great pull function. From the more actual level, Shanghai world expo absorption, shows all countries of the ecological building, new energy and information operations aspects of the newest technical achievement, promotion of expo technology application, will be the country's expo emerging industry development strategic after accelerating the important action.
             Almost have taken part in the whole world expo convention and exhibition, after behind-the-scenes before the receptionists instrumentation industry, and it is time again to face with how to pose this period after the 2010 world expo economy era? Ybzhan the author understands, many enterprises have to start thinking about the 2010 world expo in Shanghai proceeded to the industry, thus driving role in "how after 2010 world expo economy" partake. Especially with the world expo low carbon and environmental protection concept related instrument enterprise, has begun to "after 2010 world expo economy" knocking at the door.
            After that, for the 2010 world expo economic instrument industry development power? From the following several were spied:
        First, the world expo is a new concept, new concepts, new technology exhibition platform, to a certain extent, it represents the worldwide future technological development, one of the ACTS of various fell in the world expo new achievement, new technology will be on our instruments industry exist enlightening role, as long as we try to see and do it with all your heart, the world expo bring us not only is direct economic benefits, will also pull our whole industry innovation atmosphere.
            Second, the world expo direct instrumentation enterprise participants brand awareness of ascension. From China's instrument exhibition nets learns, the net with the world expo private enterprises jointly initiated seeking coordinates activities hall is attracted numerous instrumentation enterprise participation. These companies and Chinese enterprises from all walks of life by 30000 crystal combined into ZhanPai composed of "shining matrix" display wall in China, is the enterprise in the world-class stage the most compelling collective appearance. This is our industries and enterprises in worldwide brand show strong propaganda, after the 2010 world expo, we should also catch up to the brand effect, make great efforts to improve product quality, in order to obtain higher and further development.
            Third, the world expo to our valuable spiritual wealth. The world expo is a global grand party, in the party inside, we can intuitivey see global each country to participate in the enterprise of the most efficient team work spirit, enterprise management operation, and dealing with emergencies approach. These will be our each instrument enterprise indispensable precious experience, ethnic instrumentation industry also with a move towards the world pass.
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