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        Instrument market of domestic high-end instrument has not seen the breakthrough in 2010


            Domestic currently in use of high-end analytical instruments for imports. Most still Due to the high-end analytical instruments high technical requirements and the development cycle is long, r&d input to domestic corporations is a huge challenge. Although in recent years appeared like light-gathering technology, general chromatography gm, TianRui instrument, things electronics, Beijing natrium grams, snow di dragon, hebei precedent such rapid development of high-tech enterprises, but domestic enterprises still lack of high-end products original innovation ability, lack of own technology, r&d investment work seriously insufficient, lack of systematic and long-term continuity, resulting in domestic enterprises high-end analytical instruments development ability is insufficient. Research institutes, universities of scientific research and industry of cohesion channel, short-term inside still cannot produce meet domestic market demand of high-end analytical instruments.

            But China's overall market analysis instrument in change, since in 2009, facing the world financial crisis, the influence of our instruments industry production growth while another big dropped, but in the joint efforts of the whole industry, already went out of whack, realized smoothly rebounded and development. "2009 instrumentation industry development has three unexpected," Chinese instruments industry association Xi home special adviser, Lin "picks up strength than expected profits rebounded low, faster than expected, local enterprises endurance than expected strong"
            Last year in analysis instrument industry whole export growth slowdown, year-on-year reduce of the environment, minority leader enterprise still maintained a strong momentum of development. Like light-gathering technology, TianRui instrument, Beijing natrium grams of such enterprise in the global analysis and detection industry glide under the background of woes, respectively achieved 44%, 30%, 24.4% sales growth gratifying achievements.
        1) spectrometer
            By 2010, April 22, by China innovation methods research committee, China analysis test association, Chinese instrument association, China instrumentation institute analysis instruments, Beijing branch jointly sponsored embed instrument Co., LTD, Beijing physical and chemical analysis and test center organized the 2010 spectrum technology innovation BBS "at the Beijing friendship hotel was held. This BBS theme of "strengthening technical innovation, improving spectral analysis of test technical level, promoting the development of the industry. China's approach to innovation seminar zhou yuan secretary-general said: scientific tools of innovation is conducting scientific research and implementation of the important inventions method, also is one of important scientific resources.
            BBS meeting held a domestic scientific instruments application demonstration center - embed instrument application laboratory was inaugurated, marks the application laboratory formally established. By the Beijing physical and chemical analysis and test center LiuQingJun director and Beijing embed instrument Co., LTD ZhouZhiHeng chairman for the lab jinde charities. Domestic scientific instruments application demonstration center dedicated to our independent intellectual property rights of the scientific apparatus to demonstrate the application, so as to promote the healthy development of domestic scientific instruments.
        By 2010, Shanghai, shenyang in the first half of spectral hua, Beijing natrium grams of Levi, mann China, Dutch palmer natrium branch, the island ferry, the implied fisher technology, love lubricious li, eight big analysis instrument company launch 8 pedestals spectral instrument and new products.
        2) chromatograph
             Chromatography is currently the world's fastest developing speed, including analysis instruments of gas chromatograph technique more mature, new product opposite less, and liquid chromatography because exceed, high performance liquid chromatography, the emergence of new product launch emerge in endlessly. In recent years, the life science research, drug discovery and development and food safety testing become market growth performance liquid chromatographic the important power. During the first half by 2010, a total of walter births, agilent, island ferry, dianne, PuYuan pure devices such as new product launch chromatographic related.
            Chromatography of market demand, is increasingly based on the application scope of chromatography in expanding constantly, college offers professional nearly dozens of professional research fields use different professional chromatography, food, medicine, biology, chemistry and geological energy is needed to do scientific research chromatography auxiliary equipment. Data indicate that global nearly 9% of separation technology demand are from China.
        At present, gas chromatography and ion chromatography in China's biggest influence, every technology are occupied by more than 10 percent of the global market share. As university scientific research field gradually thorough, the demand for testing instrument, making the chromatograph is increasingly in universities laboratory equipment procurement manages to protagonist.
        3) mass spectrometer
           Mass spectrometer also called mass spectrometry plan, for the separation and testing various isotopes of instruments. That is, based on the charged particles in the electromagnetic field, according to the principle of could deflect material atoms, molecules or molecular fragments of quality differences were separated and detected composition class of instruments. With the development of science and technology and research in the field of expanding and deepening, mass spectrometer application is becoming more and more common, its product update the rhythm is in constant speed. Especially in the last two years, each big mass spectrometer manufacturers launched mass spectrometry vpi speed surprising, only first half by 2010, each big mass spectrometry company launch new products 10 sets. High throughput, high sensitivity, high resolution and low detect limit, miniaturization, portable is mass spectrometer main development directions.
            Nearly two years, each big mass spectrometer manufacturers launched mass spectrometry vpi speed surprising. During the first half by 2010, pearl gold Elmer muhammad, German spectro, agilent, walter births, ABSCIEX, brooke, the United States Zoex, the United States Torion, Beijing things analysis of 9 big instrument company launch new products for 17 Taiwan.
        Mass spectrometer high-end scientific instruments in colleges as more widespread use of China as a global mass spectrometer important demand market becomes more and more attention, the domestic market businessman mass spectrometry, demand growth, but not the Gospel points of oneself enterprise, sticks the scientific research field brand monopoly, domestic instrument helpless to JingLve army was, they can still can't get rid of embarrassing situation.
             Mass spectrometer application range is very wide, involving food, environment and human health, drugs, national security, and other fields related to analyze test. Has now become the most promising one of the analytical instruments, in recent years the global market demand growth rate of over 10%, the Chinese market demand growth far or even greater than this proportion. Especially at present human health, environmental safety and rational utilization of energy, etc. Are all over the world at present with the problems, mass spectrometer also in their analysis and detection process accurate quantitative and qualitative ability get all favour.
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