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        Dandong the Arima Instrument Co, Ltd to provide you with quality: WLP-205?08?16?05A?08A average stars Tester welcome to the new and old customers to negotiate and to plant guide Toll-free: 4006115218
        Contact:Luo Manager
        Tel :86-415-2825726, 2825727
        Fax :0415-2837667
        E-mail: ddhyyq@sina.com
        Address: Liaoning Province, Dandong City, Jiangcheng Street, No. 234
        Zip Code: 118000



                Dandong Huayu Instrument Co., Ltd. Service

        As a professional manufacturer of particle size analyzer, Arima Instruments to provide excellent performance, quality, reliable equipment at the same time, will also provide thoughtful after-sales service, the complete lifting of the user's worries.

        1, installation, commissioning, training, transport:

        ? due to my company's products in the factory prior to the commissioning good, just add distilled water, after the user out of the box immediately after use (by letter).

        ? the user request to debug our door, my company receive round-trip fares only.

        2, Warranty: warranty period of two years, during the warranty period under normal use by users of the device free of charge for users to repair damage, such as human and non-normal use of the device under the damage caused by my company only charge nominal fee ( Our company will replace the device's installation instructions and the device sent to the user).

        3, parts supply: our company long-term supply of spare parts and wearing parts.

        4, service mode:

        Our company set up specifically for the customer service hotline 0086 +0415-2825726

        Sales and technical staff are ready to answer your questions and provide advisory services.

        Website: My company's Web site provides company profile, product presentations, technical presentations, data downloads, news and other dynamic content. Arima Instruments web site at any time waiting for your presence and guidance.

        E-mail: My company has specialized staff to handle and send e-mail, will be ready to accept your e-mail sent on your e-mail inquiry and recommendations made to you that we will promptly reply and solutions.

        An average particle size analyzer QQ Group: Arima equipment company specializing in online convenience for customers communicate with us, in the Tencent registered an average particle size instrument cluster, QQ group number: 16,676,594, such as customer encounter any problems or any recommendations can be made within groups, so that I not only communication between companies and customers, but also customers and clients to promote technical exchanges, let us work together to achieve more perfect particle size analyzer.

        Technical training: technical exchanges organized by my company from time to time training, and customer communications equipment use, repair and maintenance methods and testing principles and other content, strengthening the link between producers and users.

        Pay a return visit Customer: I have company often will be sent to meetings held around the industry will be able, after the recent calls in the neighboring city of returning users want users to have problems in a timely manner to contact us, for us to pay a return visit.

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        ADDQShenyang City Economic Zone Toraishi hushitai Street, Tainan, No. 75-1 TELQ?6-24-89780633 POSTQ?10127
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