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        Dandong the Arima Instrument Co, Ltd to provide you with quality: WLP-205?08?16?05A?08A average stars Tester welcome to the new and old customers to negotiate and to plant guide Toll-free: 4006115218
        Contact:Luo Manager
        Tel :86-415-2825726, 2825727
        Fax :0415-2837667
        E-mail: ddhyyq@sina.com
        Address: Liaoning Province, Dandong City, Jiangcheng Street, No. 234
        Zip Code: 118000

        Manager Speech


        Manager: Mr

        Colleagues at the company meetings, conscientiously implement the spirit of pride and enthusiasm of the struggle has played an important moment in a new chapter, we will soon usher in opportunities and promising 2010. On this occasion, the company's leadership on behalf of all staff have been working to support our new and old customers to extend my sincere best wishes and sincere greetings!

        With regard to the past year, the company's development process, an extraordinary year, we meet the challenges of the global economic crisis, the overall and coordinated development of the cause, and continuously made new achievements in the year. In the past year, the board of directors to guide the work of the deployment, our focus is "First, world-class", and to the company's goal is to "look to find oil and gas," responsibility, solidarity, forge ahead, do solid work, to create the company's sustained, stable and healthy development of the new situation.

        Over the years, I have been in the company's development of self-exploration, self-creation, self-accumulation and self-improvement of the status of our company in product development and standardization of technical equipment, training, expertise, theoretical guidance and information as the profitability of business development solutions models and effective way is to the successful development and other fields, we need to continue to practice and in-depth discussions to better meet customer demand, stable and rapid development of enterprises.

        The motherland prosperous and strong, commercial prosperity, our existence

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